How To Change a Cartridge on a Taco Circulator Pump

 Taco 007 Circulator Pump Replacement Cartridge

Taco Circulator Cartridge Replacement Procedure

Hot water heating systems commonly use a sealed circulator pump for each zone of hydronic heating. Some systems have one pump, running one zone or loop. Some systems have several zones and some have many. There really is no limit to how many pumps can be installed, it all depends on how many areas that need to be controlled individually. 

Each zone will be controlled by it's own thermostat. Some system designs will incorporate zone valves that open and close when that zone's respective thermostat calls for heat or shuts off.

What all of these system designs have in common is their Taco circulator pumps. These pumps have a great reputation and amazing longevity. Like anything else mechanical they also break down eventually. 

The procedure for repairing a modern Taco cartridge circulator pump is very simple, most people can accomplish this repair themselves with common hand tools.

Taco circulator pumps use a small cylinder shaped electric motor that has a built in impeller which inserts into the body of the pump.

Replacing the cartridge is normally all that's required when a pump fails. This can be accomplished by removing four small retaining bolts that hold the body of the pump together.

If you'd like to learn more about this job and possibly attempt the repair yourself then we highly recommend this e-book;     

How To Repair Or Replace A Cartridge Circulating Pump On A Hot Water Heating System Without Calling The Guy

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