Let's Replace That Taco Circulator Pump

Hot water heating system repair is something that many homeowners will find intimidating.

For some, with less then adequate mechanical ability, that may be a good thing.
For others, who have a hands on attitude towards their home repairs, a small amount of information can and will give you the capability to pull this repair off yourself.

If you're not quite sure which category above you fit in, then you can ask yourself a few simple questions to figure that out.

1) Can you Identify most, if not all of the components on your boiler and within the heating system?

If not you may be interested in this e-book to begin with "Understanding Hot Water Heating Systems" By yours truly. That's available from Amazon for the Kindle, I know, shameless plug but it will explain the conventional hot water heating system from start to finish.

2) Can you positively shut off the electrical power to the system? 

Normally a hot water heating system will have an emergency switch located at the boiler. It's always a good idea to shut off the power at the electrical panel and then test the circuit to be positive there's no power. This is an inexpensive electrical tester for $19.15 that will prove the power is off.

3) Do you own a set of standard open end wrenches and a four way screw driver?

If not I can solve that as well, here's the open end wrench set for $24.99, and here's the four way screwdriver for $3.99

Once you can answer yes to all three questions above then you're ready to tackle replacing your Taco circulator pump, potentially saving yourself hundreds of dollars on heating repair bills.

If you'd like to start right away, then I suggest this e-book,
"How to Repair or Replace a Cartridge Circulating Pump on a Hot Water Heating System; Without Calling the Guy" Also by; Yours truly and also available for the Kindle.

Or, if you need the info for free, then I've laid out the procedure in an informative article available to all for free on InfoBarrel.com here at this link Taco Circulator pumps Repair Or Replace

"How to Replace a Taco Circulator Pump on a Hot Water Heating System" Is another article I've published on Yahoo Voices. That one's free as well. 

That's all the information to become informed and take this repair job into your own hands while saving a substantial amount of money. 

Enjoy folks and always come by for the best info on all things Taco.

Rob VanNorden, Your online heating information source.

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